The List

In progress

Ride in Hot Air Balloon
Hug and meet Josh Groban
Doctor Who Experience
Go to a bar, dressed in fine linens, find a table in a corner, pick out a dude and have your friend, also dressed in fine satin, walk up to said dude and say, “Ms. Dowd will see you now.” (Thanks, Migui)
Buy a house
Adopt: Golden Retriever, Cat, chicks
Swim with dolphins
Sky dive
Watch a meteor shower
Roadtrip across America/Visit all 50 states
Railtrip across Europe
Visit Machu Picchu
Run a marathon
Go scuba diving
Visit Buckingham Palace
Learn an instrument
Make my own wine at Napa Valley, CA
Ride a Gondola in Venice
Visit Mount Rushmore
Learn to surf
Visit the Colosseum
Eat lunch in the Eiffel Tower
Tour the White House
Visit St. Francois Xavier Church (tomb of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat) & Musee Rodin
Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit Niagra Falls
Help elect a woman President
Complete Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge (15/339)
Take a photography class
Start a collection
Attend a weekend music festival

Go to the top of the St. Louis Arch
Dye my hair a funky color
Play the lotto
Build something with my grandpa/uncle Chris
Cook a nice dinner for my parents
Learn Gaelic
Go to NYC for NYE
Start a new family tradition
Go to the Ellen Show
Make a t-shirt quilt
Ride a scooter in Italy
Camp outside in a tent
Dance with a stranger in a foreign country
Watch whales
Steal a street sign
Take a sunset walk on a beach
Sing karaoke
Kiss someone in the rain
Visit Che Guevara’s grave site
Smoke a Cuban cigar
Meet Barack Obama
Visit Area 51
Watch the top 100 movies
Stand in the crown of the Statue of Liberty
Prepare a six course meal
Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco
Learn to bartend
Ride a segway
Go the first Starbucks
Visit the Vatican
Go to the World Series
Visit Walt Disney World
See the Northern Lights/Milky Way



Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina, Spain
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland


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