I’m a 24 year old political nerd who missed her Hogwarts letter and still waits up at night for her Doctor. With a few more months before my 25th birthday, I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do, and the more I wrote, the more the list turned into this monstrosity. So this is my journey to take life by the gonads and live fully. In six months I will be moving to Costa Rica for a year, but adventure doesn’t have to wait until I travel abroad. I can start now. So this is my journey. Pura Vida.


The most comforting place for me is a screened in porch, where I can read and lie on a couch, wiggling my bare toes peacefully, the smell of lilacs wafting in with the breeze, the sound of muffled voices from inside the house, and the memories of spending time with my grandmother bringing peace.


When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, endocrinologist, architect, interior designer, and a designer. I wanted to be whisked away by a reckless romance, touch the stars, and touch the bottom of the sea.


I’m irrationally emotional, always high or low, never in between. Fiercely loyal and quick to jump in the line of a bullet shaped as hurtful words. Stubborn and slightly deviant, I’m old fashioned but crave progress.


If I had a chance to call someone from a plane that was crashing, I’d call my mother. Always. When I want to pray, I talk to my grandmother. She is the closest I’ve ever gotten to Heaven. For real life problems, qualms, worries, and general merriment, such as popping black olives on the tip of our fingers, I go to one of my infinitely wise and loving aunts.


I think calendars are overrated. I’d rather keep time with a good book.



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