Costa Rica Update

Ok, now that it’s been three weeks (whaaatttt??), I am feeling like I should give those who are curious an all-encompassing post. I’m having a blast, loving class, sweating my ass off, and slowly yet surely getting accustomed to the Tico lifestyle. I got in late Sunday night (the 17th) and had Monday and Tuesday off to explore. The first week went by so slowly, to be honest, but I imagine that’s what happens when you are adjusting to a new culture and home. It’s been crazy. Absolutely crazy. I’ve flooded my kitchen, sliced my finger, had two weeks of freezing cold showers, and almost ran out of laundry because USBank hates me. But I’ve also shared in my first Friendsgiving, I love my classmates and my teacher, and I love discovering more and more that I like teaching. Two of my classmates and my TEFL trainer are from England, and my first week here I was watching Doctor Who, so that week I was trying to practice my Spanish and in my head all I wanted were some Jammie Dodgers and a fez.

I did have some flashes of worry the first week, about whether or not I was going to flourish here. It’s hard not knowing if I will have a job here or when I’ll get a job, but I wanted to take a risk, I wanted a new start, and here I am. I made it! Who cares what happens next? It will happen and I will learn and grow from it, no matter what happens. Pura Vida. 🙂

I love my apartment. It’s right above a cafe, and while I am just now getting warm showers, it’s a nice place, despite flooding the kitchen last Sunday in an attempt to do laundry. I was provided a washing machine with my apartment, I just have to wheel it into the kitchen, hook one hose up to a pipe, and hold the other over the sink for draining purposes, badoombah, laundry. Well, flash forward to my second week there. I’m working on my first mini-lesson, starting to run out of clothes, and I decided to do the laundry. I wheel the machine into the kitchen, hook up the water hose to the pipe, placed the drain hose in the sink so that it could drain, boom. Ready. Soon enough, the drain pipe was leaking all over the floor and the water hose just busts right off in my face a la typical Thursday night sitcom. And I was out of paper towels. I had to go out and buy a package of two paper towels but that didn’t even cut it-I had to let most of it dry naturally. I will never take washing and drying machines for granted again.

The next day I was feeling pretty domesticated after my first mini-lesson and was going to make some potato chips. I don’t have a peeler so I was, foolishly, using a small knife. I slipped once and almost took my knuckle off. It was like when you get a paper cut and you stare at it for a while to see how bad it is going to be. To be honest, I’ve seen more blood from a shave knick (one hit on the knee and all of a sudden its a Tarantino movie), but since it was on the knuckle, and the skin on the knuckle is pretty loose anyways, just being able to see five layers down was nauseating. Here’s an accurate depiction of what happened.


You’re welcome.

So yeah, there have been hiccups. Moving to a new country isn’t as glamorous as people make it out to be. There’s adjusting, re-adjusting, adjusting to the recent adjustments, more adjusting, and then when you think you have it down pat, you have to adjust again. But it’s all worth it. All totally worth it. I’m learning lots about myself and where I want to go in life, but I’m also learning to live in the moment more. I’m hoping to receive my most recent paycheck from Planned Parenthood so I can start going on some trips soon. 🙂

Life is good friends. I’m trying to write more, but I’m keeping busy. I am done the 17th and then I probably will have the rest of the year off to travel and find a place to live and a job and all that fun stuff. Pura vida!

I also have a number you can text me if you want! 724-291-8083. I’ll answer only when I have wifi, which on the weekends is iffy, but during the week is pretty solid. Keep me updated with stuff in America!

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